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6 July 2022 - After over 15 years of regularly using @dragon on Twitter, their automated system suspended my account this March, then completely kicked me off the platform and deleted my account last month because someone claimed I was under 13. This despite the fact I used the proper support forms within 24 hours to upload proof that I was in my 30s when I created the account, along with several dozen support tickets opened since.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed and upset at Twitter for not only doing this and causing me to lose the data history and friends I had built up there, but having no possible way to escalate this to an actual person that could attempt to resolve their error. Having a completely automated support system with no paths of escalation for a company with their value, size, and reach is ridiculous.

Further, their automated system now will no longer even hear my complaints, stating I have no account (because their system deleted it), and happily suggests I open a new account. I refuse to open a new account and build another name/brand on their platform, only for them to suddenly without warning delete that new account for no proper reason than their error again. Therefore I am boycotting Twitter and will no longer have a presence on their platform since they don't want me there. Please feel free to reach me at any of the other official platforms I'm on below.

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